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Spain: All You Need to Know....and More!

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My name is Justin Fowler and I am currently a grade 11 student attending Herdman Collegiate in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.  I am currently enrolled in the course Geography 3202 and I chose to do my web page on Spain.  The reason I chose Spain is because it is a country I hope to visit one day, and I just wanted to get a better understanding of what the country really consists of.  By doing this page I have learned many things about the wonderful country of Spain and I hope that this is a useful page for whatever you are looking for about Spain...Thanks

Here is a great source of  information on Spain!

CIA Factbook-Spain

Here is a link to my school's web page!

Herdman Webpage

Here's a Link to Another Page Dedicated to the Country of Spain!!

Adam's Spain Page

By: Justin Fowler

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